Ladies, if you're not able to be part of Tuesday mornings at the chapel (see bottom of this page), come instead to the lunch and Bible discussion each Wednesday from 1145-1245. Lunch is provided! We meet in building 301 (in the theater parking lot). Want more info? Contact Danielle at 
singing before baptisms - Vilseck House, July 2016
​​​We meet each Wednesday at 7pm at various member homes either on or off Post. This group involves more commitment than our normal Friday nights, and God is using it in our lives - we'd love for you to join us! Contact us for more info. 

Note: During 2019, the Vilseck House ministry will be scaled back from its normal schedule. For current events, etc., please refer instead to our facebook page.

(will resume in January - stay tuned...)

 Wednesday lunch Bible discussion for working women

Welcome! If you're interested in good friends, good fun, good food, and a great God, or maybe you're not sure there even is a God, are curious about Jesus, or are just looking for a great way to enjoy your weekends, then the Vilseck House is for you (read more)... 

 Wednesday evening men's group

  • (menu / food themes will be listed here again after we resume our normal schedule... )

 Wednesday men's lunch / Bible study


Men, join us each  Wednesday from 1145-1245 at the chapel. Lunch is provided. If you're running late or can't stay long, please come anyway and join us for a few minutes! Our hope is that this time would deepen your familiarity with God's Word, your relationship with Christ, your connection with others, and your impact for God's kingdom. 
While there are excellent churches off Post, military chapels offer strategic opportunities. We're excited to be involved with the Rose Barracks Cavalry Chapel (Bldg 218) and invite you to join us: 

 Saturdays, weekends, special stuff... 

 Friday nights

7:45 study: After dinner we have an informal Bible study and discussion. Currently, we're doing an overview of key events in the Old Testament, enabling us to better understand the New Testament and God's amazing plan of redemption in Christ. 


Need a ride? We (or others) almost always pick people up in front of the Warrior Zone Java at 6:15pm. Just call to confirm someone's coming...
6:30 dinner: Each Friday, come and enjoy a great home-cooked meal! If you'd like to bring food, that would be helpful - thank you! 
​​​​​​Childcare goes from 6:30-9:30. Please call ahead to confirm childcare, and please feed your children dinner before coming—thanks!