singing before baptisms - Vilseck House, July 2016
​​​Meets Tuesdays at 1830.
Our current study is “The Significance of Sexuality.” This isn't a study on sexual purity or gender roles or sex. Instead, it's a topical Bible study on the importance of sexuality, beginning with Creation (Gen 1 & 2), the Fall (Gen 3), Paul's letters (ie. Romans 1), Proverbs, etc. We're learning why there's so much confusion and chaos in our culture and in our lives in this crucial area, and why it matters. 
​7:45 informal discussionEveryone is welcome no matter your background. We are learning about the goodness of God and the Bible - not only to save us from sin through faith in Christ, but to bring God's purpose, direction, encouragement, and power to our lives. Bring your questions - we love questions that challenge us to re-examine our beliefs and to grow. Come and learn with us! ​
Need a ride? Others already coming from Post are happy to pick you up. Ask for details or to be added to our WhatsApp Rides chat. 
Welcome! If you're interested in good friends, good fun, good food and a great God, or maybe you're not sure there even is a God, are curious about Jesus, or are just looking for a great weekend, then... (read more) 
​​​​Most of our communication is taking place in The Vilseck House WhatsApp group. Let us know if you'd like to be added! 

Nov 19 (Sat): Join us for a day trip to see Mödlareuth, a German village 90min north which from 1949-1990 was split between East / West Germany. What was it like to live there? We'll have an English tour, visit the museum, etc. Cost is only 3 Euro. We plan to leave from the Dragoon DFAC (bldg 612) at 1000 and return around 1630. Space is limited so reserve your spot soon! 


Nov 24 (Thur): Happy Thanksgiving! If you don't have plans, we'd love to have you join us for a wonderful home-cooked Thanksgiving meal at 2pm! Please let us know if you can bring any of the following: turkey (carved & ready to eat), ham (sliced & ready to eat), stuffing, mashed potatoes/potato casserole, sweet potatoes, corn casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, green salad, fruit salad, jello salad, green fluffy stuff, deviled eggs, biscuits/rolls/cornbread, drinks, pie/cake, ice cream, anything else? 


Nov 25 (Fri): No regular House tonight. Instead come over around 7pm for snacks, games, and World Cup soccer! 


Nov 26 (Sat): A local farmer is letting us use the stone quarry in the woods about 1km behind our house for a 5pm BONFIRE - hot dogs, s'mores, singing, etc! Location (use Google maps): 49.595368, 11.764931 (behind Reisach, by Unterweißenbach; your GPS won't lead your car here because it doesn't know the tractor trails, but if you can see this location by zooming out or by using pedestrian mode, you'll have no problem, or use these more detailed directions). If you need a ride, please let us know! 


Dec 3 (Sat): Christmas Market in Auerbach. Details TBA


Dec 10 (Sat): Christmas Market in Guteneck - gifts, craftsman, camels, horses, falconer, petting zoo, castle cafe, food, beverages, heating seating area, etc. Leave from Dragoon DFAC (bldg 612) at 1600, drive ~45min southeast to Guteneck, return around 8 or 9pm. Cost is 8€ admission plus food and anything else you wanna' buy. Limited space - reserve your spot with Matt! 

Most of our communication is taking place in The Vilseck House WhatsApp group. Let us know if you'd like to be added! 

 Tuesday evening guy's group


While there are excellent churches (High Point) off Post, military chapels offer strategic opportunities. We invite you to join us at the 9:30am Rose Barracks Chapel (Bldg 218). 

 Saturdays, weekends, special stuff... 

 Friday nights

​Most of our communication is taking place in The Vilseck House WhatsApp group. Let us know if you'd like to be added! 

6:30 home-cooked supper: Each Friday, come and enjoy a great home-cooked meal! We have a menu theme each week - Italian, Southern, Breakfast for Dinner, Mexican, etc. If you can help by bringing food, please talk to Tina - thanks!