singing before baptisms - Vilseck House, July 2016
​​​We meet Wednesdays at 1830. This group involves more commitment than our normal Friday nights, and God is using it in our lives - we'd love for you to join us! 
​7:45 informal discussionEveryone is welcome no matter your background. We are learning about the goodness of God and the Bible - not only to save us from sin through faith in Christ, but to bring purpose, direction, encouragement, and power to our lives. We love it when people ask questions that challenge us to re-examine our beliefs and to grow. Come and learn with us! ​.
Need a ride? Someone almost always picks people up from Post around 6:15. Ask for details. 
Welcome! If you're interested in good friends, good fun, good food and a great God, or maybe you're not sure there even is a God, are curious about Jesus, or are just looking for a great weekend, then... (read more) 
May 7 (Sat): Nurnberg Zoo. Leave from the House at noon. Cost is 18E/adult. 
May 14 (Sat): Caving (spelunking) in Little Swiss (near Muggendorf, one hour NW). We're talkin' 'bout crawlin' through small, squeezy, skinny spaces where you'll fit only if one arm is over your head. We'll be in pitch black for a couple hours, so bring a good flashlight (do NOT plan on using your phone flashlight) or headlamp. Wear old clothes. I like to wear knee pads (a piece of carpet between the layers of my old BDU pants). A stocking cap is nice for padding (not warmth). Work gloves are optional. Also bring a sack lunch. Leave from Dragoon DFAC (bldg 612) at 1100, drive about an hour, crawl around for a couple hours (this is NOT a walking tour!), and return by 1600. Cost is FREE! Limited space - reserve your spot with Matt at 0175-118-2896 (also WhatsApp) 

May 21 (Sat): Monte Kaolino, a sand dune made of 35,000,000 tons of sand (a by-product of kaolinite production) in Hirschau, 25min SE of Vilseck. It is now a ski resort for sand skiing & sand-boarding, in addition to other activities. We want to ride their alpine slide (3€?) and walk up and down the dune. We don't plan to use the outdoor swimming pool or ropes course (nor go "sand skiing"). We plan to leave from our house at noon. You can bring a sack lunch or buy food there in the restaurant. 


(Happy Birthday, Katerina!!) 


May 27-30 (Fri-Mon) Memorial Day Weekend: Trip to Dresden. We're staying at an Airbnb, seeing the sites, hanging out together, and really looking forward to it! Sign up by May 17. Contact us for details. 


Much of our communication is taking place in the Vilseck House's WhatsApp GroupLet us know if you'd like to be added! 

 Wednesday evening guy's group


While there are excellent churches (High Point) off Post, military chapels offer strategic opportunities. We're excited to be involved with the 9:30am Rose Barracks Chapel (Bldg 218) and invite you to join us. 

 Saturdays, weekends, special stuff... 

 Friday nights

​Most of our communication is taking place in our WhatsApp Group "The Vilseck House." Let us know if you'd like to be added! 

6:30 home-cooked supper: Each Friday, come and enjoy a great home-cooked meal! We have a menu theme each week - Italian, Southern, Breakfast for Dinner, Mexican, etc. If you can help by bringing food, please talk to Tina - thanks!