​Cadence also has a listing within the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). If you participate in this annual fall pledge drive, please consider giving to Cadence International (CFC #10528). Note that such gifts are directed to Cadence, not specifically to the Vilseck House. 
The Vilseck House is a non-profit ministry of Cadence International, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. It is not part of the Army or paid for by the government. We depend on voluntary gifts from people just like yourself. 

Our financial team includes both stateside donors whose gifts pay our personal expenses (salary, medical insurance) and local donors whose gifts go toward actual ministry expenses (rent, utilities, ministry vehicle, food, etc.)

​​There are several ways you can give financially:

  • Click here to give using Cadence's website. (Note that credit card companies take 3% of online credit card gifts. This does not apply to debit cards). 
  • Use the donation box in our hallway ($, €, or checks made to Cadence International). 
  • Transfer money from your own bank account to the Vilseck House's bank account (a German Sparkasse). Ask us for our account information. 
We're happy to answer any questions you might have about giving to this ministry or about House finances and needs. 
If you're actually with us in Vilseck, here are some ways you can help:
  • Share our monthly flyerswith others.
  • Help pick people up from Post for our Friday night dinner & study.
  • Volunteer to bring dessert on a Friday, or even better, to be our "dessert coordinator."
  • Welcome newcomers--not just here, but when they come to chapel, too.
  • Help plan a Saturday activity. If you've planned something, invite others! 
  • Come early to help set up for Friday night.
  • Helps us support the chapel by getting involved and serving there. 
  • Volunteer to help wash dishes--grab a buddy while you're at it.
  • Help clean the floors.
  • Share your joys and trials with others.
  • Invite others to the House, to chapel, etc.
  • If you play an instrument, help lead singing when we worship.
  • Park far away on a Friday night so others don't have to.
  • Honor one of our neighbors with a smile, a greeting, a kind deed, etc.
  • Coordinate a carpool or weekly barracks pick up, or offer someone a ride.
  • Help with childcare--an idea, a resource, or an evening of your time. 
  • Support us with your prayers and/or finances (see below). 
 prayer support
Please pray for us and for this ministry--that God would gain great glory by drawing many people to himself through Jesus Christ. Here are more ideas on how to pray for us: 1, 2, 3, etc. Thank you! If you'd like to join our (mostly stateside) prayer supporters who receive our email updates, prayer requests, etc., please contact us and let us know--we'd be happy to add you. 
 financial support
 volunteer support
​The Vilseck House is made possible by many people working together to offer volunteer, prayer, and financial support--thanks for considering any of these!