When local giving falls short, we need to cover local expenses with gifts intended for our personal needs. 

Please consider giving! Here are four different ways to give: ​

  • Use Cadence's website (want to give monthly? Set up an account!) 
    • If you're here in Vilseck, please give to the House account toward local ministry expenses such as rent, utilities, gas, food, etc. 
    • ​​If you're elsewhere, please give to the Huisjen account toward personal expenses such as salary, insurance, etc.
  • Use Cash App ($VilseckHouse)
  • Use Venmo (@VilseckHouse
  • Use the donation box in our hallway  ($ or €) 

​​We're happy to answer any questions you might have about giving to this ministry or about House finances and needs. 
The Vilseck House is a non-profit ministry of Cadence International. It is not funded by the Army or by the government in any way, but by gifts from people just like you. 

Our personal expenses (salary, medical insurance, etc) are covered by stateside partners, but ideally, local ministry expenses are covered by gifts from people in our community. 

If you're actually with us in Vilseck, here are some of the ways you can serve with us: 
  • ​​Invite others to the Vilseck House
  • Help prepare food for a Friday night
  • Come early to help set up
  • Bring dessert
  • Welcome newcomers and help them feel at home
  • Tell others about the Rides Chat
  • Invite others to Sunday chapel (09:30) or to High Point (10:30)
  • Help wash the dishes
  • Help plan a Saturday outing​​
Please be praying for us! Here are some great ways: 
There are three main ways you can be part of what God is doing here!