If you'd be willing to share your story some Friday night for 5-10 minutes, we'd love to hear from you! Below are some optional questions that might help you think through it. Let us know if you're interested! 


  • Tell about the faith environment you grew up in. Did this make you want to know more about Jesus, or not?

Your faith JOURNEY

  • When and why did you accept Christ - or is this something you are still unsure about?
  • What evidence of God have you seen in your life - or what might make you hesitant about the Christian life?
  • Share a verse/song/quote/piece of art/etc that has had a significant impact on your faith journey

Your faith QUESTION

  • What is something related to your faith that you're wrestling to understand?

Your faith COMMUNITY

  • How can this group be praying for you, encouraging you, challenging you?